My human characters and their affiliated gods

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New main game blog since the main one under this one is my music one… Follow me there now… also a follow wave coming :P

I will miss you most my “Music Festival" costume…

Most thing I’m excited for in this Feature Pack? Finally have a good reason to get rid of these non-infused ascended rings! I can use up this space to fill it with more things I don’t really care too much about… like stacks of ori and gos… or more legendaries to stock up on and unload all one day whenever something big happens like release of guild halls… yeah something like that.


I’ll be honest, I was a little bored with GW2 the last couple of days. So I decided to make a funsies builds for the Warrior using Dual Axes (Phoenix Reborn) and Dual Maces (Shiverstone) because I had double of those weapon skins and the theme (title most directly) of an ode to the new season of Game of Thrones. Also Whirling Axe made me think of Beyblade haha.

Probably my last build post pre-Feature Pack. I will probably make a post-Feature Pack version of this later on. Enjoy ^_^

Infinite Crisis

Turbine Games is celebrating PAX East this weekend by unlocking all the champions from 4/9-4/15!

Also a super big thank you to all my friends who joined in the fight! Gaslight Joker is super fun and his Sushi Chef costume is pretty spiffy. And yes next time we have AYCE sushi, it’s on me ;P

It’s a good time to check the game out since all the champions are free this week! My Referral Link: jump in and play with me!

Little milestone for myself. With the amount of log in time daily I have for GW2 (about an hour or so), I finally got one character to the Legend rank on WvWvW (highest rank for every tier). And of course it would be my deathbringer of a Necromancer!

Can’t wait til the April feature patch as my overall rank should put me comfy in the Bronze Ranks :D

Enemy zerg blob pinned in a choke point = Necromancer’s dream of creating a new graveyard :D

Some Foreign Games That I’m Beta Testing

Blessed Online
Black Desert
Icarus Online
Kingdom Under Fire II

That one time when the Karma train destroyed itself… Where did you go Red and Blue?… Players need train tracks :D